2017 Environics Analytics User Conference




Environics Analytics 11th Annual User Conference

November ​​8, 2017 — Arcadian Court, Toronto
Registration opens at 7:30 am

Session Descriptions

Morning Plenary 1: Statistics Canada

Playing a Pivotal Role in a Data-Driven Society


Anil Arora

Chief Statistician of Canada

Statistics Canada

“Data has become the new currency for progress or failure,” says Anil Arora, who is working to transform Statistics Canada into a leader in the big data revolution. With traditional methods of collecting, analyzing and consuming data rapidly changing, the Chief Statistician of Canada advocates innovative approaches for integrating data from public and private sources to support evidence-based decision making. In this session, he’ll explore the vital role that statistical agencies play in a data-driven society and the changing data needs of different industries, including housing, tourism and cannabis production. “Traditional approaches of providing information don’t work anymore,” he says. “We must play a more proactive role to move us from our current state to a more data-based society.

1A: Start Your Engine

Volkswagen Turns to Data Analytics to Improve Sales and Marketing


Jordan Gracey

Senior Manager, Digital Marketing


When sales of one of its models began slipping in Quebec, Volkswagen marketers decided against relying solely on its creative agencies for a solution. Instead, they turned to EA for hard data and segmentation to better understand their customers. Using demographic, lifestyle, values and media data, analysts evaluated sales records, segmented buyers into target groups and created detailed profiles to inform a new media strategy. “For the first time, we had our business intelligence inform our media strategy rather than the other way around,” says Jordan Gracey. In this session, she’ll discuss Volkswagen’s data-driven transformation.

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1B: Not Just for Blue-Chip Advertisers

PATTISON Outdoor Advertising Sells Clients on Data


Mary Ventresca

Vice President, Marketing & Business Development

PATTISON Outdoor Advertising

Traditionally, out-of-home advertising companies sold space using old-school techniques—think expense account lunches and discounted rates. But at PATTISON Outdoor Advertising, account reps rely on consumer behaviour data and media consumption analytics to support sales. Using PRIZM5 and ENVISION5 to analyze business opportunities and consumer preferences, representatives show prospects how to target ads to local audiences. And the data-based insights help PATTISON identify growing categories beyond the usual financial, automotive and CPG categories—including happy surprises like tanning salons. In this session, Mary Ventresca describes how PATTISON uncovers market-by-market opportunities using micro-level data.

1C: Looking for Adventure

Destination BC Uses Digital Ads to Attract U.S. Tourists


Ryan Staley

Research Analyst

Destination British Columbia

To attract more western U.S. tourists, Destination British Columbia launched an innovative digital marketing campaign. After using Google Trekker to create a series of videos showcasing wilderness adventures in BC, the organization identified the specific audience attributes of groups targeted for this premium content. Analysts then ranked ZIP codes in the western U.S. by the PRIZM Premier segments that matched the traits. And in a contemporary twist, media buyers placed ads on digital sites like Facebook and TripAdvisor to reach Americans most likely to respond to the videos. Join Ryan Staley as he describes the BC Trekker campaign’s impressive results in this presentation.

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2A: Lowe’s/Rona Builds a Post-Merger Marketing Strategy with Data Analytics


Michael Scida

Manager of Market Research and Consumer Insights


In the wake of last year’s merger of two home improvement chains, officials at Lowe’s/Rona needed a unified national development and marketing strategy. The goal: determine which banner would best serve customers’ needs in each of Canada’s 552 markets. Using internal and EA data to evaluate the trade areas, analysts assigned a unique home improvement sales potential for each market. They then segmented each chain’s customers to identify whether a Lowe’s, Rona or another company banner would appeal to them. In this session, Michael Scida will recount the post-merger analytics that helped create a solid strategy for the company’s growth.

2B: Analytics Journey

How Focusing on the Customer is Transforming Aviva


Danielle March

Customer Segmentation Strategy


When property and casualty insurer Aviva sought growth opportunities, it had one deceptively simple question for EA: “Who is our customer?” The answer launched Aviva on an analytics journey that has yet to end. After integrating in​ternal data with EA databases, analysts segmented customers to better understand who they are, how they live and what insurance products they need. As an advocate for customer-centric strategies, Danielle March headed up the enterprise-wide initiative to socialize target customer segments, gain buy-in, set priorities and influence business outcomes across Aviva. As she’ll explain in this session, “You’re more successful when you start with the consumer.”

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2C: Just the Prescription

Segmentation Propels Mackenzie Health and Foundation to New Heights


Dwayne DiPasquale

Director, Advancement

Mackenzie Health Foundation


Will Oud

Manager, Strategy and Transformation

Mackenzie Health

With the addition of a second hospital site to an existing campus, and a $250 million fundraising campaign to support it, Mackenzie Health has turned to analytics to fuel planning and guide its transformation. After learning of its foundation’s fundraising success using analytics-based donor targeting, hospital leaders applied similar segmentation analytics to their data-driven planning strategies. These efforts are helping them develop services and amenities tailored to future patients and communications strategies to build community engagement. Dwayne DiPasquale and Will Oud discuss their collaboration and the value of market segmentation for both a hospital and its foundation.

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Morning Plenary 2: Big Bank, Big Challenge

CIBC’s Segmentation Journey


Rob Assimakopoulos

Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer


How can a large organization leverage the power of data analytics across its operations to improve the way it engages and serves its clients? Just ask CIBC. As part of its strategy to move from a product-centric to a client-centric organization, the bank aligned its key stakeholders to better understand its client population, differentiate its services and deliver more personalized client interactions. CIBC’s project team also overcame organizational obstacles to meet an aggressive seven-month timeline. Rob Assimakopoulos, CIBC CMO and nationally known marketer, describes this part of CIBC’s journey toward becoming a leader in client relationships.

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Keynote: Could It Happen Here? Canada in the Age of Trump and Brexit


Michael Adams


The Environics Institute for Survey Research

As commentators point out, Brexit and a Trump presidency were unthinkable until they happened. Is Canada—with its half-female federal cabinet, acceptance of climate science and welcoming attitude to refugees—immune to the forces of populism, social fracture and backlash that are pervading other nations? Michael Adams, one of Canada’s preeminent public opinion researchers and authors, explores that question in his new book, Could It Happen Here? Drawing on social values surveys of Canadians and Americans in 2016, along with decades of tracking data in both countries, Adams examines today’s populist forces through the lens of demographics, the economy and Canadian institutions. In this presentation, he’ll offer a lively summary of his groundbreaking research and share key insights for the marketing and business community.

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3A: Canadian Blood Services’ Needs Assessment Demonstrates the Value of Analytics


Tony Steed

Director of Market Knowledge and Donor Insights

Canadian Blood Services

Data rich, insight poor: The phrase can describe many organizations. To avoid that predicament, Canadian Blood Services turned to EA’s analytics-based consulting team for a needs assessment to determine how analytics could improve operations while holding down costs. After conducting stakeholder interviews, analyzing performance records and reviewing modelling solutions, EA consultants created a roadmap to help the organization quantify its opportunities, build its analytics assets and achieve its goals. In this session, Tony Steed describes a major milestone on the organization’s analytics journey, demonstrating analytics’ ability to uncover even small operational improvements that can have a big impact on success.

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3B: Connected Interactive Uses EA Data for Highly Effective Programmatic Campaigns


Brian Wylie

Managing Director

Connected Interactive

Although programmatic advertising has generated a lot of buzz in recent years, one challenge remains: ensuring consumers are targeted using reliable, credible, transparent and scalable data. Without good data, campaigns simply fail. Earlier this year, Connected Interactive addressed that issue by partnering with EA and offering a fresh programmatic strategy. Advertisers now have access to thousands of segments built on reliable data, assuring quality while effectively removing concerns around issues like ad blocking. Early reviews are positive. “This makes programmatic data completely relevant again,” says Brian Wylie, whose session will highlight the new approach and offer several case studies.

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3C: Playing to Win

BCLC Hits the Jackpot with Customer Segmentation Analytics


Arnaud Granoux

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst


Like many companies seeking to better understand their consumers, BCLC gains customer insights for marketing decisions based on player behaviour data. Earlier this year, BCLC’s Business Intelligence team used PRIZM5 segmentation to create five key player segments that were then personified to highlight their demographics, behaviours, attitudes and relationship regarding time and money. Since then, the target groups have helped BCLC better understand its customers and develop more personalized marketing communications. In this session, Arnaud and Ryan will explain the segmentation process and how BCLC determined which messages will appeal to which customers.

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4A: How Corus is Changing the Way Advertisers Buy Media and Measure Performance


Doug Davis

Senior Director of Research


At Corus, innovative technology allows advertisers to selectively segment audiences and create a targeted household profile using demographic, geographic, lifestyle and behavioural data. With data from EA and media targeting using Corus’ TV, radio and digital properties, brands can increase the effectiveness of their advertising in an integrated, customized and algorithmically based way. The result: more consumer attention, greater brand lift and increased purchase intent. Join Doug Davis as he discusses how the Corus-EA partnership is leading to next-generation advertising solutions that are more relevant, cost effective and measurable.

4B: L’Oréal Canada Applies Data Analytics to Drive Business in an Omnichannel World


Martin Aubut


L’Oréal Canada


Laurent Campeau-Lanctôt

CRM & Data Science Specialist

L’Oréal Canada

For over a century, L’Oréal has been dedicated to producing quality cosmetics. But with channel fragmentation, social media and myriad tech devices, L’Oréal Canada officials turned to data to rethink the way they do business and interact with consumers. Data are now at the core of decision making, driving customer personalization and loyalty. Today the company is a mature player in the omnichannel age, offering products through traditional outlets and 17 e-commerce sites, as well as Amazon and other online players. In this session, Martin Aubut and Laurent Campeau-Lanctôt will provide insights from their analytics journey that​ have helped make L’Oréal the world’s largest cosmetics company.

4C: Unleashing the Power of Data

Visualization for Improved Accessibility and Decision Making


Kevin Akyeampong

Senior Manager, Strategic Insights

Cadillac Fairview

Cadillac Fairview has long used data to understand consumers living in the trade areas around its shopping centres. But with all this data, users sometimes found it difficult to make connections from insights housed in presentation decks, spreadsheets and hard-copy reports. To solve the problem, CF’s Strategic Insights team developed an innovative visualization tool that combines the company’s primary research with EA data in an interactive dashboard. “We’ve gone from numerous reports to eight pages of information contained in an interactive dashboard,” says Kevin Akyeampong, whose session will focus on how CF empowered both senior executives and frontline managers with information and insights.

5A: Consumers on the Move

Using Mobile Analytics to Succeed in a Crowded Market


Andrea Tushingham

National Retail Marketing Director


Michele Sexsmith

Michele Sexsmith

Senior Vice President and Practice Leader

Environics Analytics

How can a shopping centre compete in a crowded retail market? Morguard found the answer in mobile analytics. The company used mobility data—anonymized consumer location information from sources like smartphone apps—to track the home postal codes of shoppers around one of its Ottawa shopping centres. After linking the codes to EA’s consumer data, analysts discovered the unique shoppers at Morguard’s property, and marketing and leasing teams tailored their pitches accordingly. Hear Andrea Tushingham explain how mobility data helped uncover the competitive dynamics of three malls in one market. Afterwards, Michele Sexsmith reviews mobile analytics technologies and other marketing applications.

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5B: Acquisition, Onboarding, Engagement

Leveraging Data Analytics at Every Stage of the Customer Journey


Laura Fahlman

Manager, Member Insights, Marketing

Conexus Credit Union

Conexus Credit Union has previously worked with EA to develop data analytical tools to help understand their customers, control attrition and optimize their media strategy. Now, with a focus on the customer experience, Conexus has embedded these tools into every stage of the customer journey, leveraging insight into every facet of the organization. And the results have been impressive: improved margins, increased engagement, reduced attrition and enhanced member experiences. In this session, Laura Fahlman recounts the journey that began by gaining executive support and shares lessons learned ​from how data insights and tools have been applied across the organization.

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5C: Diversity Personified

Toronto’s Data-Driven Avatars Increase Citizen Engagement


Daniel Fusca

Coordinator, Stakeholder Engagement & Special Projects

City of Toronto Planning Division

In developing a long-range plan for Toronto’s downtown, called TOcore, city planners wanted to include input from the area’s diverse users. To spur engagement, they developed a novel solution: 16 “avatars” representing Torontonians who experience the downtown in different ways. Based on custom population segments that integrated PRIZM5 and EA data, each avatar had its own profile detailing family size, leisure activities and education. “The avatars represented a new way of communicating with the public,” says Daniel Fusca. And by explaining how policy proposals might affect them, the avatars increased citizen involvement and earned Toronto an award from the Canadian Institute of Planners.

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Afternoon Plenary: Canada at 150

The 2016 Census Reveals Who We Are and Where We’re Going


Doug Norris, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President and Chief Demographer

Environics Analytics

As Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary, results from the 2016 Census offer a rich portrait of the Canadian population. The latest Census findings—covering everything from population, housing and income to cultural diversity, language and marital status—also suggest how the Canadian population may evolve in the future. How is the demographic landscape changing? And what do the latest numbers portend for marketers and different markets? In this presentation, Census expert Dr. Doug Norris will provide an overview of the key results of the 2016 Census and explore their implications for organizations now and in the future.

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Time Session Room
08:30 – 08:40 AM Welcome
Evan Wood, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Environics Analytics
08:40 – 09:20 AM What's New and What's to Come
Jan Kestle, President and CEO, Environics Analytics
09:20 – 9:55 AM Morning Plenary 1: Statistics Canada: Playing a Pivotal Role in a Data-Driven Society
Anil Arora, Chief Statistician of Canada, Statistics Canada
10:00 – 10:20 AM MORNING BREAK
10:20 – 10:55 AM 1A: Start Your Engine: Volkswagen Turns to Data Analytics to Improve Sales and Marketing
Jordan Gracey, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, Volkswagen
1B: Not Just for Blue-Chip Advertisers: PATTISON Outdoor Advertising Sells Clients on Data Rooms 1-2
Mary Ventresca, Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, PATTISON Outdoor Advertising
1C: Looking for Adventure: Destination BC Uses Digital Ads to Attract U.S. Tourists Rooms 3-4
Ryan Staley, Research Analyst, Destination British Columbia
11:00 – 11:35 AM 2A: Lowe's/Rona Builds a Post-Merger Marketing Strategy with Data Analytics Ballroom
Michael Scida, Manager of Market Research and Consumer Insights, Lowe's/Rona
2B: Analytics Journey: How Focusing on the Customer is Transforming Aviva Rooms 1-2
Danielle March, Customer Segmentation Strategy, Aviva
2C: Just the Prescription: Segmentation Propels Mackenzie Health and Foundation to New Heights Rooms 3-4
Dwayne DiPasquale, Director, Advancement, Mackenzie Health Foundation; Will Oud, Manager, Strategy and Transformation, Mackenzie Health
11:40 AM – 12:15 PM Morning Plenary 2: Big Bank, Big Challenge: CIBC’s Segmentation Journey Ballroom
Rob Assimakopoulos, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, CIBC
12:15 – 12:45 PM PLATED LUNCH
12:50 – 1:25 PM Keynote: Could It Happen Here? Canada in the Age of Trump and Brexit
Michael Adams, President of ​The Environics Institute for Survey Research
1:30 - 2:05 PM 3A: Canadian Blood Services’ Needs Assessment Demonstrates the Value of Analytics
Tony Steed, Director of Market Knowledge and Donor Insights, Canadian Blood Services
3B: Connected Interactive Uses EA Data for Highly Effective Programmatic Campaigns Rooms 1-2
Brian Wylie, Managing Director, Connected Interactive
3C: Playing to Win: BCLC Hits the Jackpot with Customer Segmentation Analytics Rooms 3-4
Arnaud Granoux, Senior Business Intelligence Analyst and Ryan Persaud, Director, Enterprise Business Intelligence, BCLC
2:05 – 2:25 PM AFTERNOON BREAK Ballroom
2:25 - 3:00 PM 4A: How Corus is Changing the Way Advertisers Buy Media and Measure Performance
Doug Davis, Senior Director of Research, Corus
4B: L’Oréal Canada Applies Data Analytics to Drive Business in an Omnichannel World Rooms 1-2
Martin Aubut, DCDO-CMO Team, and Laurent Campeau-Lanctôt, CRM & Data Science Specialist, L'Oréal Canada
4C: Unleashing the Power of Data: Visualization for Improved Accessibility and Decision Making Rooms 3-4
Kevin Akyeampong, Senior Manager, Strategic Insights, Cadillac Fairview
3:05 – 3:40 PM 5A: Consumers on the Move: Using Mobile Analytics to Succeed in a Crowded Market Ballroom
Andrea Tushingham, National Retail Marketing Director, Morguard; Michele Sexsmith, Senior Vice President and Practice Leader, Environics Analytics
5B: Acquisition, Onboarding, Engagement: Leveraging Data Analytics at Every Stage of the Customer Journey Rooms 1-2
Laura Fahlman, Manager, Member Insights, Marketing, Conexus Credit Union
5C: Diversity Personified: Toronto’s Data-Driven Avatars Increase Citizen Engagement Rooms 3-4
Daniel Fusca, Coordinator, Stakeholder Engagement & Special Projects, City of Toronto Planning Division
3:45 – 4:15 PM Afternoon Plenary: Canada at 150: The 2016 Census Reveals Who We Are and Where We’re Going Ballroom
Dr. Doug Norris, Senior Vice President and Chief Demographer, Environics Analytics
4:15 – 4:30 PM Closing Remarks
Jan Kestle, President and CEO, Environics Analytics