The Analytics Age
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Environics Analytics 10th Annual User Conference

November ​16, 201​6 — Arcadian Court, Toronto
Registration opens at 7:30 am

Morning Plenary: Data Driven

Analytics and Information as an Asset at the Toronto Police Service 


Ian Williams

Manager, Business Intelligence & Analytics

Toronto Police Service

The Toronto Police Service is increasingly leveraging information as a strategic asset for planning, deployment and evaluation. The organization places significant value in the use of analytics to drive alignment with organizational strategies, develop proactive investigations and establish comprehensive policies. The Business Intelligence & Analytics Unit has been a leader among police agencies and within the Toronto Police Service to ensure data-driven decisions are inherent in day-to-day operations. In this session, Ian Williams discusses how one of Canada’s largest police agencies uses data to further its mission to “keep Toronto the best and safest place to be.”

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1A: Attention Shoppers

PRIZM5 Segments Help Walmart Canada Optimize Online Grocery Launch


Tom Maryniarczyk

Director, Site Experience & Analytics

Walmart Canada

Before rolling out its new online grocery business to the Greater Toronto Area, Walmart Canada wanted to better understand the shoppers who had been using the service in test markets. Drawing on PRIZM5, analysts identified the best performing segments, demographics, purchase categories and level of loyalty among those users. To develop a successful rollout strategy, they created a regression model that predicts sales at any store and employed customer insights to create digital and print marketing campaigns. In this session, Tom Maryniarczyk describes how data-based analytics can help you understand your online customers and how they differ from brick-and-mortar shoppers.

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1B: Executive Buy-In

Steinbach Credit Union Uses Advanced Analytics to Inform Its Business Strategy


Celina Philpot

Executive Vice President of Operations

Steinbach Credit Union

After using EA data and analytics to better target its marketing and enhance member experiences, Steinbach Credit Union wanted to size the opportunity within their current member portfolio to increase engagement and retention. Using advanced analytics, EA developed a custom segmentation model that measured the current and potential value of customers to help align resources and increase products per customer. SCU executives are now using data analytics to inform their business strategy and set sales targets for all branches. In this session, Celina Philpot discusses SCU’s analytics journey—from proof of concept to socialization across the organization to industry model.

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1C: Putting ROI on the Map

How Analytics Helped Yellow Pages Optimize Its Product and Distribution


Dwayne Rutherford

Senior Manager, Distribution

Yellow Pages


Franca Nassivera

Senior Product Manager, Product Optimization

Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages uses analytics for many core business processes to stay abreast of a changing world. Facing a challenge common among many firms—engaging customers through both brick-and-mortar and online channels—it sought to better understand which customers preferred print directories, or digital e-books. Analysts began by combining internal and third-party data to develop customer target groups, and then mapped neighbourhood delivery routes so distributors knew whether to drop off directories at households, street racks or businesses. Dwayne Rutherford and Franca Nassivera describe how the innovative approach reduces waste while helping YP advertisers improve ROI and connect with consumers.

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2A: An Affinity for Toronto FC

Data-Driven Analysis Creates Winning MLSE Partnerships


Paul Raso

Senior Analyst of Business Intelligence

Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment

For Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, attracting corporate partners can be challenging, especially for one of their newest properties, the Toronto FC. To increase partnership revenue, MLSE sought to align TFC’s fans with the goals, objectives and target markets of prospective partners. For car manufacturer Kia, eager to increase brand consideration and awareness, MLSE matched TFC’s PRIZM5-based groups with Kia’s target groups. The analysis resulted in Kia increasing its investment with MLSE and the manufacturer gaining brand consideration among targeted TFC fans. Paul Raso recounts how MLSE developed a win-win strategy to align partners with MLSE fans.

2B: Your Target Audience Here

Segmentation Helps Outdoor Advertisers Connect


Natalia Lafforgue

Marketing Manager

Clear Channel Canada


Adam Butterworth

President, Canada

Clear Channel Canada

Traditionally, outdoor advertising companies sold billboard real estate by citing how many people traversed a particular property. Clear Channel sought a better way to help their customers reach out-of-home consumers by creating a “street furniture planning tool” based on target audience reach and business proximity. Analyzing location trade areas by PRIZM5 segments allowed the company to develop insights into the demographics, values and lifestyles of specific areas and assign “street personalities” like “Fashionistas” or “High Earners” to their OOH assets. Natalia Lafforgue and Adam Butterworth describe how Clear Channel helps advertisers reach target audiences with the right outdoor advertising.

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2C: Tourism Adventures

Attracting NWT Thrill-Seekers with Insights and Collaboration


András Lukács, Ph.D.

Manager, Research and Planning

Government of the Northwest Territories

To increase adventure tourism in the Northwest Territories, Environics Analytics teamed with the Environics Research Group to help NWT and its tour operators better understand and engage their customers. Using segmentation, social values and primary research, analysts identified the best prospects, where they live and how to connect with them. After EA developed four target groups, ERG conducted primary research—through a survey and series of focus groups—to determine their motivations. Dr. András Lukács explains how the collaborative project resulted in a richer understanding of NWT’s best prospects for more effective marketing campaigns in 2017.

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Keynote: How to Be a Data Motivator


Mike Lipkin



In this enlightening keynote, Mike Lipkin shares key insights on how to turn data into motivation. As the President of Environics/Lipkin, the motivation and sales empowerment practice of the Environics Research Group, he has helped over a million people in 22 countries achieve personal excellence. He’s advised top companies like IBM, Manulife, Petro-Canada and Pfizer, and authored several best-selling books, including Your Personal Best and Luck Favors the Brave. For this presentation, Mike draws on his interactions with hundreds of marketers around the world to offer an innovative model for inspiring your stakeholders. “You will expand your capacity to influence others,” he predicts, adding, “at the same time, you will laugh while you learn.”

3A: Know the Score

Sport Chek Improves Planning by Aligning Custom Segments with PRIZM


Christopher Curry

Manager, Real Estate Market Analysis

Canadian Tire Corporation

Canadian Tire knows the value of consumer segmentation, having created its own custom segmentation model. But when it came to developing sales forecasts and network optimization plans for its Sport Chek store network, analysts needed to map those custom segments to estimate the spend potential of each location. The solution: aligning Sport Chek’s custom segments to PRIZM5 and defining seven target groups. The approach allowed them to generate sales forecasts, merchandise stores and even select floorplans for any location. As Christopher Curry explains, with the combined segmentation systems, Sport Chek is no longer up in the air about customers on the ground.

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3B: A Match Made Online

Lifestyle Tool Helps Homebuyers Find Their Perfect Life


Fred Lee

Product Manager, Strategic Business Services

Royal LePage

When it comes to selling homes, sometimes the most important real estate is on the Internet. While creating a fun and compelling online experience for prospective homebuyers, Royal LePage also wanted to increase brand awareness and generate sales leads for their agents. The result was “Your Perfect Life,” a neighbourhood matching tool based on EA demographic and PRIZM5 data that allows users to explore communities that fit their current or desired future lifestyles. In this session, Fred Lee describes how the interactive tool was developed and demonstrates how it is helping increase clicks and sell bricks.

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3C: Engaging Residents North of the 6


John Houweling

Director, Geographic Information Services

York Region

To better serve its residents, the Regional Municipality of York turned to analytics. Although York had plenty of data on residential addresses and neighbourhoods, it lacked insight into the behaviour and attitudes of its residents. By integrating their in-house data with Environics Analytics’ lifestyle and values databases, analysts used location-based platforms to successfully tailor York’s services and communications. With York residents living in nine diverse communities north of Toronto, the data helps administrators understand their distinct needs, create targeted programs and support service delivery. John Houweling discusses the initiative that’s helping personalize government services.

4A: Changing the Culture in a Large Organization

TELUS’s Strategy to Socialize Segmentation


Parikshit Ralhan

Manager, Predictive Analytics

TELUS Communications

With a mandate to shift from product-focused to customer-centric marketing, TELUS sought to build a holistic market segmentation model that would create a common language across the organization for all of its customers and prospects. But building custom segments proved to be only half the battle. To develop a better customer experience and realize operating efficiencies based on the segmentation analysis, TELUS also had to break down silos within its large organization. In this session, Parikshit Ralhan describes TELUS’s roadmap to create a common language across the enterprise and ensure a successful implementation with all teams.

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4B: Krave It

Hershey Engages Healthy Snackers Using Data


Rob McEvoy

Lead, Shopper Insights

The Hershey Company

Before launching its new and better-for-you Krave jerky in Canada, Hershey came to Environics Analytics to gain insight into prospective target consumers in its test markets. Integrating primary research with PRIZM segments, analysts explored the lifestyles and values of the target audience—mostly upscale, health-conscious urbanites. Hershey then used heat maps, other data and postal code rankings of target customers to select out-of-home boards and stores for experiential marketing and product sampling. Early results indicate consumers are gobbling up the data-driven Krave marketing campaign. In this session, Rob McEvoy explores the inventive launch of a new kind of Hershey product.

4C: Delivering More than Bricks and Mortar

Data Insights Help Brookfield Create Exceptional Customer Experiences


Jessie Seymour

Senior Manager, Strategic Marketing

Brookfield Residential Properties

Challenged with attracting homebuyers in the midst of Calgary’s recession, Brookfield Residential Properties shifted its focus to creating “the best places to call home” while developing a customer-focused culture rooted in consumer data. Working with Brookfield, EA analysts aligned PRIZM5 segments to seven generational target groups and provided detailed demographic, attitudinal and behavioural insights for each group, helping Brookfield better understand their specific needs and mindsets. The results are changing the way Brookfield operates—from developing floorplans and choosing amenities to designing parks and organizing homeowners associations. As Jessie Seymour observes, “The future is all about augmenting the customer experience.”

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5A: All Aboard

Travel Agency and Tour Operator Collaborate on a Winning Email Campaign


Christine Ufniak

Director, Marketing, North American Leisure

Carlson Wagonlit Travel


David Spira

Manager of Analytics

Rocky Mountaineer

When travel agency Carlson Wagonlit Travel and tour operator Rocky Mountaineer collaborated on a targeted email campaign, EA served as intermediary, analyzing PRIZM profiles of both organizations’ customers. After identifying three Rocky Mountaineer target groups that performed well for CWT, the team sent PRIZM-targeted emails to prospects near CWT’s agencies using Bell Media’s Insider distribution list. The impact? During the spring campaign, inquiries to CWT agencies jumped 50 percent and Rocky Mountaineer ridership from the CWT account increased 77 percent compared to the same period last year. Christine Ufniak and David Spira recount the benefits of collaboration on their analytics journey.

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5B: Online and Offline

Using Third-Party Data to Create One View of the Consumer


Jay Aber


The Aber Group


Catherine Pearson

Senior Vice President and Practice Leader

Environics Analytics

As more marketing dollars move from traditional to digital media, many organizations want to leverage offline customer insights in the digital world. EA and The Aber Group, a leading direct response and digital marketing agency, have been collaborating to do just that for a major credit card issuer’s acquisition program. The “combined exploration” involves using EA’s offline data to target ads via Facebook and Google. While it’s still in development, early results have been encouraging. Jay Aber and Catherine Pearson invite you to pick their brains on this innovative application of EA data to target digital advertising and improve results.

5C: Consumer Insights and Trade Area Analysis Help Carlton Cards “Make the World More Thoughtful and Caring”


Jim Driscoll

Director of Marketing and Retail Logistics

Carlton Cards

Like many consumer packaged goods companies, Carlton Cards has limited information about its end customers. To solve that problem, the company turned to EA’s PRIZM5 segmentation system to better understand its buyers and create the right product mix for every retail location. After profiling the demographics, lifestyles and social values of retailers’ trade areas, analysts produced 20-page reports—complete with maps, competitive analysis and greeting card purchase data—that Carlton Cards uses to acquire and retain business customers. In this session, Jim Driscoll explains how the reports help both Carlton Cards and its retailers meet consumers’ needs.

Afternoon Plenary: It Ain’t Me, Babe

Diversity within the Generations


Doug Norris, Ph.D.

Environics Analytics

Environics Analytics

Much has been written about today’s dominant generations—Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials—and their unique qualities. Marketers especially seek to understand the size and characteristics of each generation to better target their products and services according to demographics, lifestyles and marketplace preferences. But too often we overlook the considerable variation within these generations. In fact, variations within a generation may be more important to marketers than differences between generations. Dr. Doug Norris examines the diversity within these three generations—first from the point of view of basic demographics and then through the lens of PRIZM5—and highlights key differences in values and consumer behaviour.

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Session   Room
08:00 – 08:30 am BREAKFAST Ballroom
08:30 – 08:40 am Welcome
Evan Wood, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Custom Services, Environics Analytics
08:40 – 09:20 am What’s New and What’s to Come
Jan Kestle, President, Environics Analytics
09:20 – 10:00 am Morning Plenary: Data Driven: Analytics and Information as an Asset at the Toronto Police Service
Ian Williams, Manager, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Toronto Police Service
10:00 – 10:20 am MORNING BREAK
10:25 – 11:05 am 1A: Attention Shoppers:  PRIZM5 Segments Help Walmart Canada Optimize Online Grocery Launch
Tom Maryniarczyk, Director, Site Experience & Analytics, Walmart Canada
1B: Executive Buy-In: Steinbach Credit Union Uses Advanced Analytics to Inform Its Business Strategy
Rooms 1-2
Celina Philpot, Executive Vice President of Operations, Steinbach Credit Union
1C: Putting ROI on the Map: How Analytics Helped Yellow Pages Optimize Its Product and Distribution
Rooms 3-4
Dwayne Rutherford, Senior Manager, Distribution, and Franca Nassivera, Senior Product Manager, Product Optimization, Yellow Pages
11:10 – 11:50 am 2A: An Affinity for Toronto FC: Data-Driven Analysis Creates Winning MLSE Partnerships
Paul Raso, Senior Analyst of Business Intelligence, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment
2B: Your Target Audience Here: Segmentation Helps Outdoor Advertisers Connect  
Rooms 1-2
Natalia Lafforgue, Marketing Manager, and Adam Butterworth, President, Canada, Clear Channel Canada
2C: Tourism Adventures: Attracting NWT Thrill-Seekers with Insights and Collaboration 
Rooms 3-4
Andras Lukacs, Ph.D., Manager, Research and Planning, Government of the Northwest Territories
11:50 – 12:30 pm PLATED LUNCH Ballroom
12:30 – 1:10 pm Keynote: How to Be a Data Motivator
Mike Lipkin, Principal, Environics/Lipkin
1:15 – 1:55 pm
3A:  Know the Score: Sport Chek Improves Planning by Aligning Custom Segments with PRIZM 
Christopher Curry, Manager, Real Estate Market Analysis, Canadian Tire Corporation
3B: A Match Made Online: Lifestyle Tool Helps Homebuyers Find Their Perfect Life
Rooms 1-2
Fred Lee, Product Manager, Strategic Business Services, Royal LePage
3C: Engaging Residents North of the 6
Rooms 3-4
John Houweling, Director, Data, Analytics and Visualization Services, York Region
2:00 – 2:15 pm AFTERNOON BREAK Ballroom
2:20 – 3:00 pm 4A: Changing the Culture in a Large Organization: TELUS’s Strategy to Socialize Segmentation
Parikshit Ralhan, Manager, Predictive Analytics, TELUS Communications
4B: Krave It: Hershey Engages Healthy Snackers Using Data
Rooms 1-2
Rob McEvoy, Canada Lead, Shopper Insights, The Hershey Company
4C: Delivering More than Bricks: Data Insights Help Brookfield Create Exceptional Customer Experiences
Rooms 3-4
Jessie Seymour, Senior Manager, Strategic Marketing, Brookfield Residential Properties
3:05 – 3:45 pm 5A:  All Aboard: Travel Agency and Tour Operator Collaborate on a Winning Email Campaign  Ballroom
Christine Ufniak, Director, Marketing North American Leisure, Carlston Wagonlit Travel, and David Spira, Manager of Analytics, Rocky Mountaineer
5B:  Online and Offline: Using Third-Party Data to Create One View of the Consumer  Rooms 1-2
Jay Aber, President, The Aber Group, and Catherine Pearson, Senior Vice President and Practice Leader, Environics Analytics
5C:  Consumer Insights and Trade Area Analy​sis Help Carlton Cards "Make the World More Thoughtful and Caring" Rooms 3-4
Jim Driscoll, Director of Marketing and Retail Logistics, Carlton Cards
3:50 – 4:15 pm Afternoon Plenary:  It Ain’t Me, Babe: Diversity within the Generations Ballroom
Doug Norris, Ph.D., Senior Vice President and Chief Demographer, Environics Analytics
4:15 – 4:30 pm Closing Remarks
Jan Kestle, President and CEO, Environics Analytics

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