Dr. Doug Norris

One of Canada’s leading experts on the Census, Doug Norris, Ph.D., is a Senior Vice President and Chief Demographer at Environics Analytics. He joined EA in 2006 after nearly 30 years with Statistics Canada, in the role as Director General of Social and Demographic Statistics. Currently, he assists companies, government agencies and not-for-profit organizations in using census and other statistical information for planning and marketing projects.


  • “Don’t Call Us Seniors”: The Baby Boomers at 65

    by Doug Norris, Ph.D. | Jul 23, 2014

    For six decades, the large Baby Boom generation has had a profound impact on Canadian society, affecting culture, business and all kinds of organizations as they passed throug the various stages of their lives. In the 1950s, new schools had to be built to cope with their numbers. In the 1960s, universities were expanded. Ad in the 1970s, many new suburban subdivisons were built to accommodate their new families. Markets for many products and services expanded as the 8.6 million Boomers born 1946-1965 replaced the 5.0 million persons born in the preceding 20 years.

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  • Income and Housing: Final Results from the 2011 National Household Survey

    by Dr. Doug Norris, Ph.D. | Sep 11, 2013

    The final wave of National Household Survey (NHS) data has been released. And comparisons with the last Census in 2006 reflect the net effects of the turbulent economic period as a result of the 2008 recession. Although the results suggest a nation with higher incomes and rates of home ownership compared with five years earlier, it is likely that these gains occurred prior to the recession, and that those trends have been stagnant or even slightly declined in the latter 2008-2010 period.

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  • A Half Century of Change in Canada’s Labour Force

    by Doug Norris, Ph.D. | Jun 26, 2013

    How times have changed, particularly when it comes to Canada’s labour force. New findings released today from the 2011 National Household Survey give insights into how Canada’s workforce has evolved over the course of five decades and suggest where it might be headed.

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  • Canada’s Increasing Cultural Diversity

    by Doug Norris, Ph.D. | May 14, 2013
    The first results from the new 2011 National Household Survey, which replaced the Census long form, were just released. The new data underscore the increasing cultural diversity of Canada along two main dimensions: the growing Aboriginal population and the impact of immigration over the years.
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  • Canadians Speak in Many Tongues

    by Doug Norris Ph.D. | Nov 02, 2012
    Changes in the Census Language Questions for 2011 On October 24th, Statistics Canada released new data on language knowledge and use from the 2011 Census. The data covered three main topics: 1) mother tongue or first language learned, 2) languages used at home, both most often and regularly, and 3) ability to speak English or French well enough to conduct a conversation.
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  • Canadian Families Come in All Kinds of Configurations

    by Doug Norris, Ph.D. | Sep 25, 2012
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  • Making Sense of the Census – Part 2: The New Age and Sex Data

    by Doug Norris, Ph.D. | Jun 05, 2012

    As expected, the newly released data from the 2011 Census showed the continued aging of Canada’s population.

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  • What to Expect from the New Census

    by Doug Norris, Ph.D. | Feb 01, 2012

    It happens only once every five years:  On February 8th, Statistics Canada will release the first results from the 2011 Census showing the population and household counts for all geographic areas across the country.  So what can we expect from the latest count?

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  • 2011 Census: Changing Dissemination Areas

    by Doug Norris, Ph.D. | Jan 05, 2012

    The recent release of geographic products from the 2011 Census marks the first new census data to become available from Statistics Canada.

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  • Keeping up With Marketing to Canada’s Diverse Populations

    by Doug Norris, Ph.D. | Nov 02, 2011

    These days, most companies have some sort of strategy for marketing to newcomers and immigrants to Canada. The marketing landscape in Canada is an ever-changing tapestry of young and old, newcomers and longtime residents of the country

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  • Comparing Population Growth in Canada and the United States

    by Doug Norris, Ph.D. | Jun 08, 2011

    By Dr. Doug Norris, Senior Vice President and Chief Demographer, Environics Analytics

    With many companies marketing their products in both Canada and the United States, questions often arise about how the two countries—and their consumers—compare

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